April 13, 2020

Thought Train 1.3 – To-do mode and emoji support

Thought Train just moved up a notch in helping you get on top of your working days!

Now with everyone at home, we’re in-undated with video calls, Zoom meetings and Slack pings all day.

To-do mode for a better view of accomplishments

I’ve been using Thought Train to keep on top of my most immediate to-do lists and take meeting notes, but I wanted a better way to see what I’ve accomplished each day.

And so I thought, “how can Thought Train help me visualise what I’ve done, but not destroy the essence of the app?”. The answer was to add what I’ve labeled the new ‘to-do mode’…

Instead of completed notes moving to your archive, they’ll now display as “completed” notes in the main note list. This gives you a much better view of what you’ve done, not just what you’re “doing”.

I’ve been using it for a week, and it’s been a really big help!

How to activate to-do mode

In the latest version of the app, click on the settings icon

Then check on “Enable to-do mode”, and that’s it πŸ‘

Emoji Support in the menubar

I’ve also added emoji support to really spice up your menubar, which I find helps me to quickly glance over notes marked with various emoji’s that I’ve picked (like 🏠 for house-related chores and πŸš€ for urgent).

I’ve also added some subtle design changes like a new prompt modal, a cleaner settings panel and more.

Download the latest version of Thought Train

If you already have the app you should be prompted that there’s an update available immediately, if not, just download and re-install the app:

Download Thought Train Now for Mac

Download Thought Train Now for Windows

PS. I’ve also re-designed the home page, and I’d love to know your thoughts?

April 13, 2020

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