November 26, 2019

Thought Train 1.1 – A new text editor, new icons, once-off price and a Black Friday coupon!

I’ve just released an update of Thought Train which brings a super useful text editor, a new once-off price, beautiful new icons and quick-share buttons… just in time for Black Friday!

I’ve also extended everyone’s trial to the end of Cyber Monday 🤔

Read on to find out what the update is all about…

New text editor

I’ve always promised to only add features that really improve the productivity of the app, and I’ve stayed true to this promise with the introduction of a brand new text editor. Based on the Trix editor by the good folks at Basecamp you can now easiy edit rich text inside the app, I’ve been using it for 3 months to strike off to-dos, write down some tweets, save text quickly and take meeting notes.

Updated icons

Let me tell you a secret… I was never ‘really’ happy with my icon choice for the original release. I used the Material design icons, but they always looked a bit janky. I’ve switched to a much softer iconset for this version, and I think the app really wins because of it.

Quick-share buttons

For this version I’ve added quick email and tweet icons for the in-note view, with more quick actions coming soon.

Finally, a once-off price

$19 once off… no recurring options, no monthly or annual plan.

When I launched Thought Train at the beggining of the year, I chose a subscription pricing model. I wanted the monthly or annual revenue to help the sustainability of the app as I don’t want it to be a fly-by-night app with no longevity.

Since then, the demand for recurring services has increased significantly. Apple TV+ and Disney+ are just two service which have arisen demanding your dollars every month. Secondly, a big feedback from users I often get is “I’d totally use the app if it was a once off price”. If I return to my original statement, it makes sense to switch to satisfy the wishes of my users.

What does the mean for existing users? Because of your early support I’ve grand-fathered you onto the new plan 👍

Black Friday coupon and extended trials

Get $5 off the new price until the end of Cyber Monday by using the following coupon code:


For anyone who used the app when it launched in February but was unsure of using it or wary of the subscription pricing, I’ve extended your trial period to the end of Cyber Monday so that you can try the app again!

Download the latest version of Thought Train

If you already have the app you should be prompted that there’s an update available immediately, if not, just download and re-install the app:

Download Thought Train Now

November 26, 2019

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