Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Thought Train is a MacOS app which allows you to add your notes to your menu bar, allowing you to quickly reference what you’re busy with with a glance.

  1. – Download the Thought Train dmg installer.
  2. – Drag Thought Train into your Applications folder.
  3. – Open your finder and search for “Thought Train”.
  4. – Open the app.
  5. – Add your first note

Thought Train is built to keep quick notes and access them instantly, keep quick notes, or detailed notes by typing into the note input bar at the top of the app. Add additional information by filling in the larger description box too.

Hell yes! Press CTRL+CMD+Spacebar to activate the Mac-default emoji input. You can also use the colon key to enter in a quick emoji, like this :wave:

First make sure you have more than one note selected to display in the menubar, then click the carousel button at the bottom left of the app.

It’s likely that you have too many notes on display at one time. Press CMD+ALT+T to bring up the app and disable the notes from displaying in your menubar with the eye icon

There’s a toggle at the bottom-left of the app.

Hover over your note, and click the big circular check icon. 

Click on the “Done” toggle at the bottom-right corner of the app to display your archived notes. Hover over the notes and click the trash icon. 

Yes it does! Depending on your Menubar mode, Thought Train will adjust its own theme.

Click on the Settings icon. Uncheck “Automatically add new notes to menubar”. That’s it!

Version 1 of the app was pay-what-you-want, but the latest version is a monthly or annual subscription.

The app has grown up with some incredible features, we’re giving it longevity by charging a fair price for the app.