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12,000+ professionals choose Thought Train to take quick notes and to-do lists.

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Features focussed on productivity

The Carousel

Pack lots of notes into the menubar with a completely unique carousel, scrolling across your menubar.

A simple to-do

Lists help get things done, Thought Train is a great lightweight task manager to check through tasks during the day.

Always available

Thought Train is a menubar app, easily accessible at all times with a keyboard shortcut, so there’s no need to tab away from your work to find your notes.

12,000 users, and counting

Join thousands of users who believe this is the one app that should be default with every Mac install.

Client-side encryption, cloud syncing

All your notes are 100% encrypted from the client to the cloud. There's no way for us or anyone to know what you're writing.
Your notes are synced to the cloud and available on all your devices immediately.

Markdown editor

The built-in mark down editor lets you keep more in-depth details, like meeting notes, code-snippers or even email signatures and other text you use all the time.

Complement your workflow

Thought Train isn’t built to replace your note apps, but complement them perfectly.

Remember names, numbers, anything

Use the app to take quick notes like phone numbers, meeting notes or key reminders.

What are users saying?

About the app

Thought Train was built off the back of a simple problem faced by its creator; where do you keep your quick notes while you’re busy between your multiple apps every day?

I needed a tool that was quick to access and always on display, to keep me accountable for what I was busy with throughout the day.

Thought Train is the answer to that question. With its unique carousel, constantly reminding you what should be on your agenda, the app has proven invaluable for over 11,000 users so far.

$ 2,99/month
Or $24.99 annually30% Saving
  • Full client-side encryption
  • Markdown editor
  • Copy, edit, re-order and archive
  • Cloud syncing
  • Unique scrolling carousel
  • Multiple devices
  • Frequent updates
  • Full dark mode support
1 Week trial

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