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Tired of using Stickynotes?
Put your notes right
where you can see them

Join 10,000+ users who take quick notes with Thought Train, a humble menubar app.

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The Carousel

Pack lots of notes into the menubar with a completely unique carousel, scrolling across your menubar.

Remember names, numbers, anything.

Use the app to quickly save a phone number, or if you’re a designer, quickly jot down a colour code.

No more tabbing around.

Thought Train is a menubar app, which means it’s easily accessible at all times, there’s no need to tab away from your work to find your notes.

10,000 Happy Users

Join thousands of users who believe this is the one app that should be default with every MacOS install.

Compliment your workflow

Thought Train isn’t built to replace your note apps, but compliment them perfectly.

Archive & delete notes.

Pin notes for later with the archive, or delete them entirely.

What are users saying?

The vote is unanimous, it’s crazy that Apple didn’t include an app like this by default on the OS.

Super Unique. I've definitely made the mistake of CMD+TAB'ing between too many things at once.

~ Ryan Hooverย Founder, ProductHunt

Itโ€™s a simple interface, but a really useful one if you frequently need to add things to the olโ€™ to-do list.
Love what youโ€™ve created โ€” itโ€™s almost replaced my messy notepad-based system for keeping track of what Iโ€™m doing.

~ Kaveh Waddell

This product is the first thing I was trying to find when I bought a mac but couldn't, thanks a ton.