Stop using stickies to take notes.
Keep them where you can see them.
#1 Product of the Day – May 19, 2018

  • Useful for remembering things.
    Use the app to quickly save a phone number, or if you’re a designer, quickly jot down a colour code.
  • Carousel mode for lots of notes.
    Add more than one note, and they’ll scroll through, marquee style.
  • No more tabbing around.
    Thought Train is a menubar app, which means it’s easily accessible at all times, there’s no need to tab away from your work to find your notes.
  • Archive & delete notes.
    Pin notes for later with the archive, or delete them entirely.
  • Emojis are supported.
    Manage your thoughts with emoji’s, a nice way to keep multiple ideas into one line.

See it in action!

What are people saying?

Super Unique. I've definitely made the mistake of CMD+TAB'ing between too many things at once.

~ Ryan Hoover Founder, ProductHunt

It’s a simple interface, but a really useful one if you frequently need to add things to the ol’ to-do list.
This product is the first thing I was trying to find when I bought a mac but couldn't, thanks a ton.