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Add notes directly to your menubar

Thought Train has helped over 25,000 creatives and professionals save time with extremely quick access to their notes and to-do lists.

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The Carousel

Pack lots of notes into the menubar with a completely unique carousel, scrolling across your menubar.

Always available

Thought Train is a menubar app, easily accessible at all times with a keyboard shortcut, so there’s no need to tab away from your work.


Easily export your notes as txt, csv or html documents with the export feature. so that you can use them where ever you see fit.

Totally Encrypted

All your notes are 100% encrypted from the client to the cloud. There's no way for us or anyone to know what you're writing.

20,000 users and counting

Join thousands of users who believe this is the one app that should be default with every MacOS and Windows version.

Rich text editor

The built-in rich text editor lets you keep more in-depth details, like meeting notes other text you use all the time.


$18.95 once off

The app has a 14 day free trial, no credit card required. After which it’s a single once-off payment to keep using.

What are users saying?

This is the app that should have been included by default on MacOS…

Ryan Hoover – Product Hunt

Super Unique. I've definitely made the mistake of tabbing between too many things at once.

Aaron Robles

Thank you so much for your hard work, my colleagues and I use this tool daily and it's an absolute pleasure.

Logan Honeycutt

This product is the first thing I was trying to find when I bought a mac but couldn't, thanks a ton.

It’s a simple interface, but a really useful one if you frequently need to add things to the ol’ to-do list.